Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

Thirteen Things I love about summer

1. It's warmer than 32 degrees

2. I don't have to wear very many clothes

3. Going barefoot

4. Sunkissed skin

5. Swimming in our backyard pool

6. Lots of different colored flowers

7. Lots of daylight

8. I met my husband during the summer and we had lots of fun.

9. Summer seems informal - even though there are still schedules to keep and work to be done, it seems more easy going and laid back.

10. Open windows

11. Lake Tahoe and beach vacations

12. Camping

13. BBQs and lots of time spent with friends

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Thirteen Things about Ginger

1. I tend to 'over' explain - I'm finding lately that others sometimes have trouble seeing things from any other point of view than their own - or when they agree with you, they still want to explain the subject matter differently - almost like arguing - and I find it frustrating. Why can't people just agree?

2. I think I struggle most in getting along with people who feel they must control their surroundings. My hubs is a tad controlling - and when he gets a bit over zealous is when our personalities clash. I'm a big girl, I can handle myself, thank you very much.

3. My neighbor is very controlling - I mean, if you tell her the sky is blue, she'll argue with you until the cows come home - because she knows better - and she proudly states to anybody who will listen, that she's not happy unless she's in control of everything in her life. It's kind of scary. I just smile and nod politely.

I know she thinks I'm a little whacky - so I guess we're even. :)

4. I'm excited to remove the screens from our front porch.. It's totally screened off, which has proven very effective when we want to eat outside - but we dont' use it much and I think it takes away from the 'look' of my house. Today, I will start removing the screen with Hubby's electric screwdriver :)

5. I'm also excited to get my kitchen remodeled. I've been looking into what I want and given my estimates and materials to Hubs - last night he told me he's working on it and it will be done soon. I cannot WAIT! Later, 70s kitchen from hell. :)

6. I beleive that every bad experience in my life is a blessing in disguise - it's just hard to know, in the moment, what the blessing is.

7. The gardners are coming today with all the flowers I picked out at the nursery! I'm excited to see the colors in my yard.

8. I'm a pretty simple person except in one area - men. My love life has always been very complicated and I think it's always going to be complicated. I'm lucky my husband loves me for who I am because I think I'm hard for a man to love. Who really knows.

9. I'm really independent and sometimes have a hard time letting my husband take care of me.

10. I think I found son a new babysitter - right down the street. I'm going to meet her today or tomorrow. That's inspiring to me since his now sitter recently told me she's moving 1/2 hour away.

11. Summer is almost here.. the weather is warming up and my attitude is slowly becoming better. Whew.

12. I had to really struggle today to post my 13 - my mind is really focused elsewhere right now. But, that's okay.

13. I think I'm coming out of my recent funk. I hope so. I've been sort of 'off' lately... uh, really off.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy T13!

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